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There are a few dinning halls on campus, but these are my two favs, and really the favs of the rest of campus too. 

Snelling is boss status. It is open 24 HOURS. (yeah, I know, its legit) So if you got the late night munchies, just hit up Snelling and grab a bite. The food is always good, but the lines get a lil crazy during rush hour. 

ECV aka Village Summit is top notch. Its my all time favorite and its only like 5 minutes from my bed. SO many options at this place, so far my favs are the sandwhich wraps, the philly steak/chicken, and the pasta. Always good random food in there as well. CANT forget the smoothie bar either, I could literally sit in there and drink a million Strawberry Landslides and Banana Flips. It gets pretty packed but its a big place so there is always room and always peeps ya know in there. 

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